Weight-Based Shipping (Setup)

How to Offer Weight-Based Shipping

Got heavy items? Got light items? Weight-Based Shipping is a cost-effective option for your customers.

Name—the name of your shipping method. In this case, we would use “WEIGHT-BASED”

Description—An optional space to describe your shipping method.

Delivery Time—The delivery time appears next to the name of the shipping method. Note: If you use realtime shipping rate calculation, your shipping service may provide its own delivery time. The time provided by the shipping service will be displayed instead of the time you specify here.

Taxes—Select the amount of tax you wish to charge on shipping, based on your location.

Customer Must Specify His/Her Address—Collect customer information in order to complete checkout. This is highly recommended!

Use fo Free Shipping—Exclude products with the “Enabled Free Shipping” option from the shipping price calculation. We recommend this stay checked.

Setting Rate Areas & Shipping Rates

Illinois(+)—Shipping rates for customers in Illinois. 

All Other States(+)—Shipping rates for customers in all other states.

Wright-Based Shipping—Set the cost for shipping based strictly on product weight. The weight (oz) of each product can be set in the “Shipping” tab while creating/editing your products.

IMPORTANT: You MUST set up your shipping rates in BOTH Rate Areas (Illinois & All Other States)