Shipping Methods Overview



Access Shipping Methods by navigating to Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Edit Shipping Method(s). To add a new shipping method, click the (+) icon at the top right of the page. An active shipping method is required to process orders.


Name—the name of the shipping method as it appears on the storefront.

Description—important shipping method details. This block appears on the customer checkout page, so be sure you add any necessary information.

Rate Calculation—the way how the shipping cost will be calculated:

  • Manual calculation is based on the tables with charges and rates. You define those rates in the Shipping time and rates tab on the shipping method editing page. If you use a manual shipping method, make sure to add at least one shipping charge for each rate area where you want it to be available. Otherwise the shipping method won’t appear to customers at checkout.
  • Realtime calculation is based on the rates that your store receives from a third-party service. The rates are received in real time at the moment when the order is being placed.

Shipping Service—the online service or a carrier API that will be used for rate calculation. This select box is available only if rate calculation is set to Realtime.

Calculate Shipping Cost—click the Calculate shipping cost link to see a special form to test the selected real-time shipping rate estimation service. Test estimation considers the weight that you specify in the form, as well as the company address and default customer address.

Delivery Time—the time it takes to deliver an order. This info is displayed on the storefront, so that customers can decide if the delivery time meets their requirements.

Weight Limit—the minimum and maximum weight of the order that can be delivered via this method. If an order doesn’t meet the weight requirements, then this shipping method won’t be offered to the customer.

Status—the status of the shipping method: Active or Disabled.


Icon—an image to represent the shipping method.

You can upload an icon from your computer, find it on the server, or provide a URL to the image. Make sure to enter the alternative text that’ll appear when the icon is missing or can’t be displayed. Specifying alternative texts is good for SEO.

Images must be of one of the following formats only: JPEG, GIF, PNG. The maximum size of an uploaded image depends on your server configuration. As a rule, it should not exceed 2 MB.

Taxes—the tax rates that apply to the shipping method.

Customer Must Specify His/Her Address—check this box to require customer address.

User Groups—the user groups, the members of which will be able choose this shipping method at checkout.

Use for Free Shipping—check this box to offer free shipping on all items with this shipping method.

Shipping Time & Rates

We recommend setting up a Manual + Flat Rate Shipping Method in BOTH the Illinois & All Other States rate areas. It is super easy!

We set you up with a default flat rate shipping method when you applied to join Spots. Don’t worry… you can edit it and/or create a completely new one at any time. Choose from realtime or manual rates. You can charge shipping based on product cost, weight, or quantity!

If you use a manual shipping method, make sure to add at least one shipping charge for each rate area where you want it to be available. Otherwise the shipping method won’t appear to customers at checkout.

The rates that you define here are used to calculate the shipping cost, regardless of whether you use real-time shipping rate estimation or not.

If you receive rates from a shipping service provider in real time, the charges from this section will be simply added to the received rates. You can use this to compensate for your actual expenses if they exceed the values returned by the carrier (e.g., packing, insurance, etc.)

The rates can depend on the product cost, weight or quantity, and on customer’s rate area. Once you’re done specifying the rates, click Save.

A (+) next to the rate area name means that you have specified the rates, and the shipping method will be available to the customers who specified the address matching that rate area.


Product Cost/Weight/Quantity—the minimum value when the rate must apply.

Rate—the shipping rate itself.

Fixed vs Percentage—the type of the rate: an absolute value or a percentage.

IMPORTANT: If you want to make a manual shipping method free, you still need to add at least one shipping charge for the desired rate area, or the shipping method won’t appear at checkout.