Redeeming a Coupon Offer

Save Time & Money!

When a customer uses a Coupon Offer, you will simply as them to show their receipt in their email, or to view their order on the website (if they are a Registered Customer, under “My Orders”.) Every order will show the Order ID. That is the ID you will look up in the system to redeem the coupon. You can view all customer order inside of your Spots Dashboard, inside of the “Recent Orders” section. You can also view them by clicking “My Orders >> View Orders” in the main portal navigation bar.

Steps to Redeem a Coupon Offer

  1. A customer buys a Coupon Offer from your storefront
  2. They want to use it after their meal
  3. Ask them to show you the Order ID in their email receipt, or if they are a Registered Customer, under “My Orders”
  4. Look up the Order ID in your Vendor Dashboard
  5. Select the order
  6. Update the status from “Paid” to “Redeemed”
  7. The customer will be notified via email that their order has been successfully redeemed. This will prevent them from using their coupon twice.